Graduate Credentials


Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, 1988. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies,Adelphi University, New York.


M.A.   English Literature, 1982. Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts and  Sciences.    



Washington State Clinical Psychology: 1442


APA (American Psychological Association),, Member

Division 39, of the American Psychological Association,,   Member

Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Psychology,, Member

Pacific Northwest Psychoanalytic Society,, Program Chair

National Register of Psychologists, , Member (credentialing board that sets professional standards)


Concurrent Work 

Clinical Supervisor, Residency Training Program, University of Washington Medical School 

Clinical Supervisor, Clinic Without Walls, Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy 


My publications and talks have addressed the nature of the relationship between therapist and consultee: how they interconnect; the reactions they have to one another; and the influences each has on the other.